Meet our 2019 Chaplain

God Alone. This is the motto of the writings of St. Louis-Marie Grignon de Montfort who wrote the beautiful treatise on the total consecration of Jesus through Mary, in The True Devotion to Mary. This was Father Huang’s favourite book, read each summer for five years as he was discerning his vocation and beginning his seminary studies. He put the same words on his ordination card.

Fr. Huang is originally from Vancouver and entered the seminary of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter in Nebraska in 2003. Before entering the priesthood, he had completed a Bachelor degree in opera performance and had sung professionally for two years. He has also worked as a vocal instructor, golf coach, bartender and actor in television and film.

In 2009, his superiors sent him to teach English and music at the Fraternity’s boys school in Normandy before being named an assistant priest in Ottawa. He has been in Montreal since September of 2013 at the Mission Saint-Irénée de Lyon and is currently its administrator. Last year, he participated in the Fraternity’s album ‘Requiem’ and gave a conference on Gregorian Chant at Providence College this February 2018,


Since his ordination, Fr. Huang has been chaplain of 6 walking pilgirimages including the one to Chartres. He is very much looking forward to doing the pilgrimage with you all.

Meet Our 2015 Chaplain


We are Pleased to announce that Fr. Gismondi will be our group’s Chaplain for the 2015 Pilgrimage to Chartres.


Fr. Gismondi is from Pittsburgh, PA. After several years of discernment, in 1995 he entered the Fraternity of St. Peter’s seminary, Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, then located at Scranton, PA. Following seven years of study, Fr. Gismondi was ordained a priest on June 29, 2002. In July 2008, Fr. Gismondi was appointed as Chaplain to the Traditional Latin Mass community of San Diego. On October 7, 2008, following erection of St. Anne Catholic Church as a personal parish for the Traditional Latin Mass apostolate in the Diocese of San Diego, Fr. Gismondi was appointed as Pastor at St. Anne’s.

Updated Images – Pilgrimage to Chartres


We have recently received some additional images which have been added to both our PICTURES page as well as our Shutterfly Photo Album site. The new photos add even more prospective into the Pilgrimage to Chartres and continue to show the amazing journey as well as the beautiful scenery the path to Chartres provides to each Pilgrim.

Pilgrimage to Chartres and Other Catholic Pilgrimages


While our Chapter takes part in the 60+ mile Pilgrimage to Chartres, there are other great Catholic Pilgrimages to take part across Europe. The website The Catholic Tour features additional pilgrimages that you can take part in as well and are at different times of the year. Here is a breakdown of additional Catholic tours that you and your friends can take part of.

AVILA / FATIMA / 500th Anniversary of St. Teresa of Avila – 2015

 This is an 8 day tour that takes you through Spanish cities of Avila and Fatima. The first part is visiting the city of Avila, the city of Kings and Saints, which is completely surrounded by 11th century walls is the birth place of St. Theresa. Stops included in this part of the tour include Avila’s Cathedral, a museum dedicated to her life, Tomb of St. John of the Cross, and a trip to the town of Alba de Tormes, which possesses St. Theresa’s mortal remains. The second half of the tour takes place in Fatima. Stops in this half of the tour include a trip to Aljustrel, home of Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, the three children who witnessed the Apparitions of the Blessed Mother starting in 1917. Additionally, a day is spent in the medieval city of Obidos and a tour of the castle.


Featuring 10 days in Italy at the end of April, this tour features the rare opportunity to view Shroud of Turin. The last time it was publicly displayed was back in 2000 to celebrate the Jubilee year. While briefly displayed back in 2010 at the orders of Pope Benedict XVI, the Shroud of Turin wasn’t scheduled to be on display again until 2025. Additional stops include sites in Assisi, San Giovanni Rotondo, and ending up in Rome.

If you are interested in additional Catholic Pilgrimages beyond the Pilgrimage to Chartres check out the Catholic Tours website:

Pilgrimage to Chartres Documentary


Back in 2009, PBS filmed a documentary feature about the Pilgrimage to Chartres.  The article that is featured along with the video summarizes the 3 day journey and gives a brief history of the tradition of the pilgrimage:

“The pilgrimage began in the Middle Ages. Chartres was always an important place and had great meaning in the life of the Christian world in the kingdom of France in the Middle Ages. Joan of Arc made this pilgrimage. Louis XIV, I believe, made the pilgrimage. After Vatican II there were — there was a lot of confusion that developed in Catholic believers’ minds about what they ought to be doing, what they ought not to be doing, whether they were putting too much of an emphasis on particular practices that somehow or other had become outmoded, and as a consequence things like pilgrimages ended up suffering. It resumed precisely due to the concerns of groups that, by this point, were calling themselves traditionalists who wanted to commit themselves to maintaining practices which they felt to be, spiritually, extremely beneficial.”

The video can be viewed on the link below:

Planning for the 2015 Pilgrimage to Chartres


The 2015 Pilgrimage to Chartres is May 22 through May 24. That is roughly 7 months away but it will come quick and you will have some planning to prepare for. Flights to Paris, finding a hotel to stay at before the pilgrimage, and if you arrive a day or two early, find things to do around the city. Below are some ideas to help you keep organized and ahead of deadlines.

Flights to Paris

Depending on what country you are flying out of and what day of the week you plan on leaving for Paris, the cost may vary significantly. The decision to fly straight through or to have a layover, what day of the week to fly out on, how long to purchase your tickets before you travel and even clearing out the cookies in your internet browser can all be factors in the price you will pay to fly out. The folks at put together a guide, Top 10 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to help you get the best deal possible.

Paris Hotels

Much like searching for a flight, the cost of hotels can vary in prices depending on several determining factors. There are three main sub types when it comes to hotels: Luxury, Quality, and Budget. Luxury hotels are considered the 4 to 5 star variety, are in a premium location within the city and provide top notch service at a considerable rate. Quality hotels are more of the 3 star variety and include nicer finishes and are on the outskirts of desirable spots of the city. These typically include more of a chain style hotel. Last but not least is the Budget hotel. Budget hotels mainly consist of chains and are located out in the outskirts and suburbs and feature plain rooms and furniture. For more information regarding the Paris Hotel scene check out this feature by

Things to Do and See in Paris

Depending on when you plan on arriving in Paris for the Pilgrimage to Chartres you might have a day or two to tour the city. When you think of Paris the first things that come to mind are the Eifel Tower and the Louvre. Really the city has numerous sites to see and are broken down to the Top 30 Things to do in Paris by From Museums to even the starting point in the pilgrimage, the Notre Dame Cathedral, from a tourism standpoint this city truly has it all.

Now that you have an idea of things to plan for to travel for the pilgrimage, it is a good idea to start your checklist. In the coming months, more tips will be provided including what to wear, how to train for a 60+ mile walk, and proper nutrition/hydration for the journey. If you have any questions regarding traveling for the pilgrimage or are interested in joining be sure to click HERE.

Reason’s to Walk With Our Chapter


Many people ask and the answer is no, we are not affiliated with the Remnant Tour group. We are an independent group of individuals that provides not only American’s, but any English speaking person in the world a chapter to walk in the Pilgrimage to Chartres. Originating from the the Midwest in the United States, we are not a tour group nor are we seeking any funds. We just want to provide people that have a desire to walk in the 2015 Pilgrimage to Chartres as well as future years a stable Chapter.