The 2015 Pilgrimage to Chartres is May 22 through May 24. That is roughly 7 months away but it will come quick and you will have some planning to prepare for. Flights to Paris, finding a hotel to stay at before the pilgrimage, and if you arrive a day or two early, find things to do around the city. Below are some ideas to help you keep organized and ahead of deadlines.

Flights to Paris

Depending on what country you are flying out of and what day of the week you plan on leaving for Paris, the cost may vary significantly. The decision to fly straight through or to have a layover, what day of the week to fly out on, how long to purchase your tickets before you travel and even clearing out the cookies in your internet browser can all be factors in the price you will pay to fly out. The folks at CheapAir.com put together a guide, Top 10 Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to help you get the best deal possible.

Paris Hotels

Much like searching for a flight, the cost of hotels can vary in prices depending on several determining factors. There are three main sub types when it comes to hotels: Luxury, Quality, and Budget. Luxury hotels are considered the 4 to 5 star variety, are in a premium location within the city and provide top notch service at a considerable rate. Quality hotels are more of the 3 star variety and include nicer finishes and are on the outskirts of desirable spots of the city. These typically include more of a chain style hotel. Last but not least is the Budget hotel. Budget hotels mainly consist of chains and are located out in the outskirts and suburbs and feature plain rooms and furniture. For more information regarding the Paris Hotel scene check out this feature by About-France.com.

Things to Do and See in Paris

Depending on when you plan on arriving in Paris for the Pilgrimage to Chartres you might have a day or two to tour the city. When you think of Paris the first things that come to mind are the Eifel Tower and the Louvre. Really the city has numerous sites to see and are broken down to the Top 30 Things to do in Paris by TravelAdvisor.com. From Museums to even the starting point in the pilgrimage, the Notre Dame Cathedral, from a tourism standpoint this city truly has it all.

Now that you have an idea of things to plan for to travel for the pilgrimage, it is a good idea to start your checklist. In the coming months, more tips will be provided including what to wear, how to train for a 60+ mile walk, and proper nutrition/hydration for the journey. If you have any questions regarding traveling for the pilgrimage or are interested in joining be sure to click HERE.

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