Below is a sample itinerary for the 3 days of the pilgrimage. Your final itinerary would be supplied before your departure in Paris.

Water is provided at all rest stops and the evening campsite. Arrive in Paris in the days prior to Saturday departure.

Day 1: Saturday before Pentecost

7 am Mass at Nôtre Dame Cathedral, Paris
Depart Paris on foot immediately upon end of the Mass
11:45 am The “apple stop” at Parc Henri Sellier; water and an apple provided
1:30 pm Lunch Stop at Amblainvilliers
5 pm Rest Stop at Billehou
6:30 pm Rest Stop at Rémy-les-Chevreuse La Roche Pointue
7:45 pm Arrive at evening campsite La Ferté-Choisel; dinner

Day 2: Pentecost Sunday

6 am Rise and Shine
7 am Depart Campsite
8:30 am Rest Stop at the farm at Les Charmes
10:15 am Rest Stop at Parc Fougères
12:30 pm Stop at Les Courlis for Mass followed by Lunch
3:30 pm Rest Stop at Batonceau
5:15 pm Rest Stop at Emancé
7:15 pm Arrive at Campsite at Gas. Dinner; Benediction and Adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament

Day 3: Whit Monday; Monday following Pentecost; Holy Spirit Monday

6 am Rise and Shine
7 am Depart Campsite at Gas
8:30 am Rest Stop at Bois du Seminaire
11 am Lunch Stop at Saint Prest
1:30 pm Arrival in Chartres
2 pm Mass in the Cathedral of Nôtre Dame of Chartres
3:30 pm Mass ends; bags may be picked up at the train station

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